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Tour d’Afrique: The Ultimate Social Experiment

Here we are in Mbeya after a tough seven-day stretch through the heart of Tanzania from Arusha. Why was it tough? There was a lot of climbing, it was mostly dirt road which meant a lot of sand, mud and rocks, and there were several longer-than-usual riding days. The upside of this is that we took the road less travelled through Tanzania and were exposed to aspects of the culture (not to mention giraffes, baboons and other fantastic wildlife) that we would have missed had we cycled along a dull

Experiencing Africa From The Saddle

On the Tour d’Afrique, everyone has a different approach to how they experience Africa. On any given tour, some riders have been to the unique continent before, and many have not. Every five or six days, we have a rest day somewhere notable along the route, like a capital city or a particularly beautiful lakeside location like Ssese Island in Uganda or Chitimba Beach in Malawi. All the days in between, however, the Tour d’Afrique participants are cycling anywhere from 90km to 175km a day, alon

Cycling China: Not As Hectic As You’ve Been Lead To Believe

Cycling China: Not As Hectic As You’ve Been Lead To Believe China is prone to a lot of preconceptions from Westerners, and while many are warranted, some of them seem to have materialised out of thin air. Speaking of air, pollution is usually one of the first topics that springs to mind when China is brought up in conversation. This one is 100% warranted. I don’t want to start off on a negative note, but I was in China for a whole week before I saw a shadow. I know this sounds bizarre, but thi

From Shanghai To Singapore, One Bowl Of Rice at A Time

From Shanghai To Singapore, One Bowl Of Rice at A Time From a food point of view, the Bamboo Road has to be a strong contender for the best TDA Global Cycling tour. From the delicious and ultimately filling oriental cuisine of China to the unique and “pretty far out there” delights on show in Cambodia, to the always satisfying Thai curry selections, food is always a big talking point when it comes to southeast Asia. If you’re not into rices and spices, I’m sorry but you’re shit out of luck. We

The Perfect Day: Cycling Through the Rainforests of Madagascar

The Perfect Day: Cycling Through the Rainforests of Madagascar Yesterday, while cycling from the lunch spot to our swanky hotel in the mountainous rainforest area of Ranomafana, I was having such an incredible day that I decided the best way to give people an insight to how things are going on the 2017 Magical Madagascar tour in the next blog was to simply describe the day from beginning to end. So here goes… it started with the hotel breakfast – an assortment of breads and croissants with but

Mamma Mia! Trans-Europa Reaches Italy

The sight of the sweep rider always produces mixed emotions amongst TDA riders. For some, it’s a huge relief. When you’re stuck on the side of the road on a hot day, feeling sick or standing beside a broken bicycle 50 km from civilization in any direction, spotting the sweep cycling towards you from the horizon means salvation. It means a fixed bicycle, or a first aid kit for that painful blister, or even a quick phone call to send the van back to pick you up. On the other hand, if you’re the s

TDA Pub Ride: Bonding Over Beers, Bikes and Banter

Read on for the latest post from the Pub Ride cycle tour. People have been bonding over beer for millennia. Ironically, most of the currently-known evidence of the origin of beer was found in a region that currently tends to be the least tolerant of alcohol: Mesopotamia, an ancient region which largely consists of modern-day Syria, Iraq, Iran and northern Saudi Arabia. Apologies for the brief history lesson, but it’s in Mesopotamia that beer has been traced back as far as 7000 years. The oldes

Dirt, Thorns and Lolly Water: Desert Sands and the Countdown to Our Next Beer

Dirt, Thorns and Lolly Water: Desert Sands and the Countdown to Our Next Beer Desert Sands, arguably the most challenging section of this year’s Tour d’Afrique, has drawn to a close at the Sudan-Ethiopian border. The riders arrived at camp Thursday February 9 after six long and gruelling riding days from Khartoum, three of which were on very corrugated, uneven, sandy and often misleading dirt tracks with lots of little thorns that like to wriggle their way into your tyres (and lots of little ki

Do Loyalty Programs Increase Sales? - Stamp Me Loyalty Solutions

We’ve all taken advantage of a coffee shop’s loyalty program to edge our way towards that free coffee, or signed up to a clothing store’s rewards program so we can eventually get that free pair of socks or discounted jacket. But do loyalty programs increase sales? Or do they simply allow existing customers to enjoy free products and rewards for purchases they would have made regardless? If you’re a business owner considering implementing a loyalty program, this is an important question to ask.

Give Dad the Gift of an Unforgettable Experience This Father’s Day

Give Dad the Gift of an Unforgettable Experience This Father’s Day Struggling to come up with any decent Father’s Day gift ideas this year? Rather than opting for the predictable socks, ties, peanuts and golf balls, why not surprise your dad with a truly unique gift that we guarantee he won’t see coming! BananaLab Gift Boxes offer a wide range of incredible experiences all across Melbourne and out into the beautiful Victorian countryside as well. You can offer your dad a wonderful gift box t

10 Unique Winter Gift Ideas in Melbourne 10 Unique Winter Gift Ideas Melbourne

Are you looking for a unique, out-of-the-box experience to give someone as a gift, but the dark, stormy weather outside is throwing a wrench in your plans? Here are a bunch of fantastic winter-friendly experiences available across Melbourne and the Victorian countryside, where you can give someone the ultimate gift – amazing memories that’ll last a lifetime! The best part of these experiences is that you don’t even need to choose one specific option – they’re all available in BananaLab’s wonde

Think Inside the Box This Father’s Day, with a BananaLab Gift Box

Think Inside the Box This Father’s Day, with a BananaLab Gift Box Struggling to come up with Father’s Day gift ideas? We don’t blame you… choosing the perfect present for dad can be harder than choosing what to watch on Netflix. Why not give your dad the opportunity to select a fantastic experience that will leave him with lifelong memories? By giving your dad a BananaLab gift box this Father’s Day, you’re presenting him with a menu of all the coolest things to do in Melbourne (and a few optio

What is the Best Loyalty Program App for Small Businesses?

Obviously, budget plays a huge role in deciding which loyalty program suits your small business. Loyalty apps come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. If all you’re looking for is a simple “Buy X, Get Y” or “Spend X, Get Y”-based model for your loyalty program, you shouldn’t have to break the bank at all. However, the more you spend, the more you get in regards to valuable customer data insights, targeted marketing, extra features and all the other bells and whistles. Read our article on ho

Restaurant Loyalty Program Ideas, Tips & Examples | Stamp Me Loyalty

Are you looking for creative restaurant loyalty program ideas to keep your diners engaged and loyal to your brand? Perhaps you’re having trouble deciding which type of loyalty program you should implement. Or maybe you already have one and while registrations started with a bang, now interest is tapering off. Just the way your menu needs periodic updating to stay fresh and interesting, so too does your customer loyalty program. We understand that coming up with new loyalty program ideas for r
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