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Do Loyalty Programs Increase Sales? - Stamp Me Loyalty Solutions

We’ve all taken advantage of a coffee shop’s loyalty program to edge our way towards that free coffee, or signed up to a clothing store’s rewards program so we can eventually get that free pair of socks or discounted jacket. But do loyalty programs increase sales? Or do they simply allow existing customers to enjoy free products and rewards for purchases they would have made regardless? If you’re a business owner considering implementing a loyalty program, this is an important question to ask.

How To Engage Customers with a Scratch & Win Campaign - Stamp Me

People absolutely love scratch cards. If you can offer someone the chance to “scratch and win”, whether it’s a physical card that leaves a mess of glittery residue everywhere, or a digital scratch card, most of us experience a burning desire to reveal the hidden prize and redeem our reward. Otherwise known as Scratch & Win, scratchies, scratchcards, Scratch-it and Instant Win cards, this phenomenon is nothing new. Consumers worldwide spend billions in lotteries and gaming for the chance to win

10 Unique Winter Gift Ideas in Melbourne 10 Unique Winter Gift Ideas Melbourne

Are you looking for a unique, out-of-the-box experience to give someone as a gift, but the dark, stormy weather outside is throwing a wrench in your plans? Here are a bunch of fantastic winter-friendly experiences available across Melbourne and the Victorian countryside, where you can give someone the ultimate gift – amazing memories that’ll last a lifetime! The best part of these experiences is that you don’t even need to choose one specific option – they’re all available in BananaLab’s wonde

How Brand Loyalty Differs Between Each Generation - Stamp Me Loyalty

There is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to customer loyalty programs. People from different demographics respond to brand loyalty in many different ways; people’s attitudes towards brand loyalty differ depending on their age, gender, annual income, spending habits and numerous other factors. But the biggest divide in people’s behaviour towards customer loyalty programs is generational. You can guess some of the more obvious factors: Baby Boomers aren’t as fussed about a brand’s

Why Customer Loyalty Is Important For Your Business - Stamp Me Loyalty

Building customer loyalty is important for a number of reasons. Whether you’re aware of it or not, most of us are loyal customers to at least one brand in some way. It may come in the form of the five bucks you give your local café down the street every morning in exchange for your daily latte, the $50 you give your barber or hairstylist each month to trim your hair, or the hundreds of dollars many of us spend on Apple products and accessories from year to year. While the term “marketing” get

Customer Loyalty Programs for Small Businesses - Stamp Me

Knowing who your demographic is and what they want is key to creating a successful rewards program for small business, as it helps you determine who your most loyal customers are and the best way to reward them. If your small business is a café, then obviously the most beneficial offer for your customers is the promise of getting every 7th coffee free, or a free dessert every time they spend $50 of accumulated transactions in your coffee shop. This encourages customer retention, while offering

How to Retain Customers and Increase Brand Loyalty - Stamp Me Loyalty

When considering how to retain customers and increase brand loyalty for your business, there are a few tips and tricks you can implement that will not only encourage your customers to come back time and time again, but will even have them attracting new customers to your business through word-of-mouth. Given that 80% of any given company’s future profits will come from just 20% of their existing customers, one of the biggest questions that business owners face is, “how can I increase customer r

Punch Card App vs. Traditional Loyalty Cards - Which is better?

When deciding whether to run your loyalty program with traditional paper punch cards or a loyalty app, you also need to consider the average age group of your customers. It’s no secret that millennials are highly digital-oriented. 9 out 10 millenials own a smartphone and have been brought up relying on technology. So considering that this generation is tech-savvy and highly connected, it is no surprise that Millennials are drawn to digital loyalty programs. In 2018 survey by CodeBroker, more

Pros and Cons of Loyalty Programs – Stamp Me Loyalty App

Businesses that are considering starting a customer loyalty program naturally have a wide range of questions on the topic, all of which strive to answer a single question – is it going to increase profits? So before you go ahead and create and implement a loyalty program for your business, it’s important to know what to expect. Here are some pros and cons of loyalty programs to help you determine whether a rewards program can help you achieve the results you desire: Since their conception back

Why a Loyalty Card App Will Improve Your Business – Stamp Me

Much of the content you see online regarding how to increase profits or how to promote your business focuses on “how to get more customers”. The power of customer retention and loyalty is often understated or overlooked. Most people associate business growth with the concept of “broadening your horizons”. But what happens to your existing customers? A brand that truly appreciates the value of having a strong customer base will ensure that their existing customers are as pampered as their new c

Customer Loyalty Programs for Coffee Shops and Cafes - Stamp Me

For coffee shops, a customer loyalty program is essentially any system that rewards its patrons for continuing to purchase food and drinks from that cafe. Originally, the standard customer loyalty program for cafes was the paper punch-card, where every time you bought a coffee the staff member behind the counter punched a hole in your card and upon 9 stamps, your 10th coffee was free. While this system used to be extremely popular among cafe owners around the world, it has quickly become defun

What is the Best Loyalty Card App For Business? - Stamp Me Loyalty App

With so many loyalty card apps and programs available in the market, you’re probably a little overwhelmed and are trying to figure out which is the best loyalty card app for your business. Well, you’ve come to the right place – hopefully we can help you narrow it down and guide you to choosing the loyalty app that best suits your business goals and needs. Obviously you’ve done your homework and realised that a loyalty card app is one of the best ways to retain existing customers, gain insights

5 Reasons You Should Replace Paper Punch Cards With A Loyalty App

In 2018, CodeBroker surveyed more than 440 millennials belonging to loyalty programs from retail, credit cards, restaurants, travel and other industries and a staggering 97 percent said they would actively engage with loyalty programs if they could access their rewards information directly from their smartphones. Considering that millennials currently have more spending power than any other generation, it’s crucial to ensure your brand is meeting this segment of consumers’ needs and expectation

Top 7 Customer Loyalty Trends To Follow in 2019 - Stamp Me Loyalty Solutions

Any business with a loyalty program should be interested in what trends are currently emerging in customer loyalty. Are you sending Push Notifications to customers who are one stamp away from redeeming rewards through your loyalty program? Are you thinking outside the box to offer your customers innovative rewards that call out to them, or offering them variety in their rewards so they can customise your program to suit their own wants and needs? Are you partnering up with other brands to off

What is a Digital Loyalty Program? - Stamp Me Loyalty Solutions

If you’ve come searching for answers to the question “What is a digital loyalty program?”, you’ve come to the right place! As you probably already know, a loyalty program is a great way to increase sales, build strong customer relationships and incentivize your customers to keep coming back… but what is a digital loyalty program? What does it do? What does it mean for customers and your business? Digital loyalty programs have the same objectives as traditional loyalty programs, however with ri

7 Benefits of a Digital Loyalty Program for Salons and Beauty Parlours

Are you thinking of switching your salon’s existing loyalty program from paper to digital? Or perhaps starting a new business and want to retain customers from day one with a customer loyalty program? Or maybe you’ve been in business for a while, and are thinking it’s time to implement a salon rewards program? Whatever the case, you’re probably here because you’re wondering what benefits a digital loyalty program will have for your salon, right?

How to Create a Loyalty Rewards App – Use a Provider or Build My Own?

Loyalty apps are a proven way to retain customers, attract new business and keep customers engaged with a brand, and because of this, they are a fast-growing trend! In fact, 38% of companies are now using mobile apps to provide personalised offers and promotions to their loyal customers, while 79% of all top global loyalty programs now have some kind of digital component (2019 Loyalty Report). With the rise of technology, there’s no denying that mobile loyalty apps are rapidly replacing the tr
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